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We’re the best boat dock builders in Fort Lauderdale! Our expert team at Fort Lauderdale Seawall will create a custom dock that’s perfect for your waterfront property.

We use top-quality materials and the latest techniques to build docks that look great and last for years. With over 20 years of experience, we know how to design and install the ideal dock for your specific needs.

Want a custom dock, boat lift, or seawall repair? We’ve got you covered! We’ll work with you to understand your vision and bring it to life.

Your dream dock is just a phone call away. Contact us today and let’s transform your waterfront into a beautiful and functional space you’ll love spending time on!

Residential Boat Dock

Our licensed contractor build the best residential docks in South Florida. We create custom docks for waterfront homes. We know how to choose the right dock materials and build docks that last.

Our team will give you tips on how to take care of your dock. If your dock needs repairs, we’ll fix it quickly. We make sure your dock is easy to use and looks great. With our skills and experience, we’ll build a dock that fits your needs perfectly.

Your dock will be strong, last a long time, and make your waterfront property better. Call us today to talk about building your residential dock.

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    Why Choose Us?


    We always have your back and will swiftly tackle any issue you throw our way. Expect frequent updates, proactive problem-solving, and a touch of magic that goes above and beyond your wildest dreams.


    We’ll take care of all the small details, so you can focus on the big stuff. Just sit back and relax.  You’ve got a million things to do, why stress about the details when FTL SeaWall can handle them for you?


    In our team, we handle project details, sort out problems, and make sure everyone knows their role. We talk simply, clearly, and directly. Our aim is to work together smoothly and keep good connections.

    What Do we do in a Nutshell?

    – Custom boat dock design and construction services in Fort Lauderdale
    – Experienced professionals using top-quality, eco-friendly materials for durability
    – Offers floating, fixed, and custom boat docks tailored to client needs
    – Skilled in dock piling installation, composite decking, and treated lumber construction
    – Provides personalized recommendations and handles permits for hassle-free boat dock building

    Commercial Boat Dock

    We build top-notch commercial docks for businesses in Broward County, such as marinas and restaurants.

    Our team follows strict water safety rules and offers custom dock accessories to fit each client’s needs. With years of experience, we know advanced dock repair techniques to keep your commercial dock in great shape.

    We also offer complete residential dock planning services with the same level of skill and accuracy for every project. Our commercial dock maintenance plans are made to maximize the life and use of your investment.

    From start to finish, we deliver excellent craftsmanship and pay close attention to detail. Trust us to build a commercial dock that goes beyond your expectations while putting safety and sturdiness first.

    Boat Dock Design in Broward County

    Designing a boat dock in Florida takes a lot of know-how. You need to understand how to build on the water. You also need to know the rules for building docks. First, we think about things like how deep the water is and what the shoreline looks like. We use materials that are good for the environment.

    Our team has done this before. We know how to get the permits you need to build a dock. We can give you tips on how to take care of your dock so it lasts a long time. We pay attention to every detail. We make sure the dock looks good and works well. You can add things like benches or fishing rod holders.

    When you work with us, we take care of everything from start to finish. You’ll end up with a great-looking dock that makes your waterfront property even better.

    Types Of Docks

    When it comes to boat docks, we offer several types to meet our clients’ needs.
    – Floating boat docks that adjust with changing water levels
    – Fixed boat docks that provide a stable platform
    – Custom boat docks tailored to unique requirements
    Our team will work with you to determine the best dock solution for your waterfront property.

    Floating Boat Docks

    Floating docks are a great choice for places with changing water levels. We builds strong, reliable floating docks that last. They move up and down with the water. This stops the dock and boats from getting damaged. We use the best materials and methods to make our floating docks. It helps them handle the tough conditions on the water.

    Our skilled workers pay close attention to every detail. They make sure each floating dock we build works well and looks great. You can count on us to give you the best floating dock for your waterfront land.

    Fixed Boat Dock

    Custom Boat Docks

    Fixed boat docks are a great choice if your property has steady water levels. We design and build these docks to last, and we make each one just for you. Our Builders do a thorough analysis to make sure your dock can handle the weight it needs to. We use proven techniques to waterproof the dock and protect it.

    We also design the dock to manage water runoff. Our team give tips on how to maintain your dock in the winter so it stays in great shape all year. We’ve decades of experience building fixed boat docks

    We build custom boat docks to fit your needs. Our skilled dock builders design and make the ideal dock for your waterside land.  You can pick from various dock add-ons to improve how it works and looks.

    Dock LightingLED lights along the dockMakes it easier to see and safer at night
    Safety FeaturesSlip-resistant surfaces, rails, and laddersLowers the chance of accidents and injuries
    Accessory OptionsSeats, storage chests, and fishing pole holdersMakes your dock more useful and enjoyable

    How long it takes us to build your custom dock depends on its size and design. But we always work hard to finish fast without cutting corners. 

    Dock Pilling Installation

    When it comes to dock pilling installation, one of the key decisions we need to make is whether to use PVC or Wood Pilling.

    Each material has its own advantages and trade-offs that we’ll want to consider carefully.

    Let’s take a closer look at the differences between PVC and wood to determine which option best fits the specific requirements of this boat dock project.

    PVC Or Wood Pilling

    Choosing PVC or wood for your dock’s foundation is a big decision. It affects how long your dock lasts, how strong it is, and how it looks. We think carefully about:
    – How long the material lasts
    – How high and wide to make the dock
    – The best way to install the pilings

    FactorPVC PilingsWood Pilings
    DurabilityResists rot, insects, and corrosion wellCan decay and be damaged by marine borers
    MaintenanceNeeds very little upkeepNeeds regular treatments to last longer
    AestheticsLooks clean and uniformHas a natural, traditional look

    Our team has a lot of experience. We will help you choose the right pilings for your needs and wants. This way, you’ll have a sturdy dock that lasts a long time.

    Custom Dock Design

    As a premier boat dock builder in Fort Lauderdale, we’re dedicated to bringing our clients’ unique visions to life.

    We offer custom dock design services and eco-friendly material options to create stunning, sustainable waterfront structures.

    Our skilled designers will work closely with you to develop a personalized plan that meets your specific needs and enhances your property while minimizing environmental impact.

    Eco-Friendly Dock Options

    Our team of expert dock builders offers many eco-friendly dock options. We can make a custom dock design just for you.

    We care about the environment and use green materials when we can. Our eco-friendly dock materials are:
    – Recycled plastic lumber
    – Composite decking
    – Wood from responsible sources

    We also have cool ideas like solar-powered docks. These use less energy and are better for the environment.

    Our designers will work with you to make a custom dock plan. It will have eco-friendly features but still look great and work well.


    Committed To Keep People Healthy & Safe

    We Follow Best Practices

    Experienced Professionals

    Our marine construction team has over 20 years of experience building and designing docks. Our skilled workers know the latest ways to build and the best materials to use. This means we deliver great results.

    We work with you from start to finish to make your vision a reality. We’ve strong ties with trusted suppliers. This allows us to get high-quality materials at good prices.

    We care about the environment. We use eco-friendly methods and sustainable materials whenever we can. With our knowledge, focus on details, and commitment to quality, you can count on us to deliver outstanding results.

    Dock Construction Materials

    When it comes to dock construction materials, we rely on:

    – Composite wood
    – Composite decking
    – Treated lumber

    These materials are specifically engineered to withstand the harsh marine environment while providing exceptional durability and longevity.

    We carefully select the most suitable material based on the unique requirements of each project to ensure our docks are built to the highest standards.

    Composite Wood for Sea Docks

    Composite wood is a strong and green choice for building sea docks. It lasts longer than regular wood in salty water and against bugs. When we use composite wood, we think about things like sun, waves, and tides. This helps us make docks that will last a long time.

    The top of the dock is made with a special type of composite wood. It doesn’t get slippery when wet and won’t crack or change shape as it gets older. Note the price will be 3 to 10 times higher but the long term saving will be there as it lasts 3 to 4 times longer than treated lumber.

    Composite Decking for Sea Dock

    Our team builds strong sea docks using the best composite decking. Composite decking lasts longer, needs less care, and is less slippery than wood. It’s safe and lasts a long time.

    We think about cost, upkeep, safety, the environment, and looks when choosing the right decking for each job. It’s also good for the planet since it’s made from recycled stuff and doesn’t need harsh chemicals.

    We work with clients to pick the color, feel, and pattern of the decking to match what they want and the area around the dock. With our skills in putting in composite decking, we make pretty, useful, and eco-friendly sea docks that are better than expected.

    Treated Lumber for Sea Docks

    We build strong sea docks with the best treated lumber made for the ocean. Our team uses materials that resist water and parts that don’t rust. This makes docks that can handle floods and are easy to maintain.

    The treated lumber goes through a special chemical process. This fills the wood with preservatives that stop rot and damage from sea creatures.

    The dock can handle salt water and bad weather. This makes the dock last a long time

    How about a Boat House?

    At this point, you may think what else can we build? Well, Welcome to the world of custom boat house design! Our builders work together to create the perfect waterfront retreat for you. Our boat houses will fit your needs and style. 

    Custom designMade just for you and your style
    Strong materialsLasts a long time in tough marine weather
    Built-in boat liftsEasy and safe storage for your boat
    Full servicesWe do it all – design, build, add dock gear, and keep it in good shape

    Let us use our skills to make your dream boat house come true. It will make your waterfront property look better and work better too.

    FAQ on Dock Building

    Let’s address some frequently asked questions about boat docks in Fort Lauderdale.
    We’ll cover the typical costs of boat docks and floating docks in the area.
    We’ll also discuss whether it’s feasible to build your own dock and how long construction usually takes.

    How Much Boat Docks cost in Fort Lauderdale

    Many dock owners in Fort Lauderdale need to know how much money they might spend on a new boat dock. The total cost depends on the dock’s size, materials, place, and features.

    Building a dock costs $20-$40 per square foot. Most docks cost $10,000-$50,000 in total. Dock upkeep costs 1-2% of the initial build price each year to keep it safe and working well. Dock permits in Fort Lauderdale cost $500-$2,000 or more. They’re needed to follow the law.

    Dock fixes and changes every 5-10 years cost 10-20% of the first price. They make waterfront land worth more and keep important dock safety features in good shape.

    How much cost a floating dock

    A floating dock usually runs from $20-$35 for each square foot. But the full price tag depends on how big it is, what it’s made of, any bells and whistles, and where you put it. Wood, aluminum, and plastic are the main materials. Each has a different cost.

     Low PriceHigh Price
    Size (sq ft)$20$35

    You have to take good care of your floating dock to keep it safe and make it last. Get pros to put it in right so it’s solid. Floating docks are handy because they can handle changes in the water level. They’re easy to put in and take out. And they don’t mess up the environment as much as stuck docks. But you might have to fix them up more often. Talk to us and we’ll figure out exactly how much your floating dock will cost.

    Can you build your own boat dock

    Yes, you can build your own boat dock, but it’s not easy. You need to think about a few things first:

    1. Make sure you’re allowed to build a dock where you want to. Check with your local government about permits and rules.
    2. Be honest about your construction skills. Do you have the right tools and know-how to build a strong, safe dock?
    3. Pick the right materials. You want your dock to last a long time without too much upkeep.
    4. Don’t forget about safety. Use materials that aren’t slippery and add good handrails.

    Building a DIY boat dock can be fun, but it’s a big job. If you’re not sure you can handle it, it’s better to hire a professional who knows what they’re doing.

    How long does it take to build a boat dock

    Building a boat dock takes between 2-4 weeks for a standard home dock. Bigger docks or tricky locations take longer. Bad weather can also make it take more time as we are in South Florida!

    The dock builders will give you a schedule. This will show you the steps and how long each part will take. We’ll work hard to finish on time. Talk to the dock builders for a timeline that fits your dock.

    More FAQ

    In Fort Lauderdale, 90% of dock permits require navigating zoning regulations and building codes. We’ll assess your waterfront property, consider environmental impact, and guide you through the application process to ensure compliance and a successful build.

    We’ll guide you through the dock permitting process, ensuring your application meets zoning requirements and environmental regulations. Our team will handle the engineering plans and coordinate necessary inspections, helping you navigate the timeline from start to finish.

    We offer customized quotes based on your dock’s material options, size considerations, location factors, accessibility issues, and aesthetic preferences. Costs typically range from $20,000-$50,000, but we’ll work with you to find the perfect balance of quality and affordability.

    Yes, we offer seasonal inspections, material upgrades, structural reinforcement, accessory installation, and deck resurfacing for existing docks. Our experienced team can handle all your dock maintenance and repair needs to keep your waterfront investment in top shape.

    Call Your Boat Dock Expert Today!

    For over 20 years, we’ve been building boat docks that last. We take pride in our work and always put our customers first. No matter what kind of dock you need, we’ll make it happen for you. We’ll work with you every step of the way to create the perfect spot for your waterfront dreams.

    As the owner of this business, I want you to know that your satisfaction is our top priority. We’re not just here to build a dock – we’re here to build a relationship with you.

    So if you’re ready to make your boating dreams a reality, give us a call today. Let’s work together to create something special that you’ll enjoy for years to come.